Mon, 04 July 2022
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Meta drops 'news' from Facebook's News Feed

Update : 20 Feb 2022, 14:49

Meta-owned social media platform Facebook is rebranding its News Feed, the primary feed that users see when they log in to Facebook. The News Feed, which will be called just “Feed" from now, is the primary page of Facebook where users see what their friends and pages they follow have shared.

The News Feed name is being changed for the first time since the feature was launched about 15 years back. Now, while this does not change anything in terms of how we use Facebook, but it now better reflects the diverse content people share on their feeds.

According to the Tweet from Facebook, there is no change in the whole experience or the user interface. Further, an email from the company’s spokesperson Dami Oyefeso to The Verge was quoted as saying that the change “does not impact the app experience more broadly." Now, what changes does this new name mean for Facebook and its parent Meta? According to research cited in a report from The Verge, it has been witnessed that misinformation gets significantly more engagement on the platform than fact-based reports on Facebook. 

News Feed is being rebranded to just “Feed”

For this, Meta has said that it is working on reducing the amount of political content that shows up on people’s homepage. The research cited in The Verge report suggested that the News Feed’s algorithm could push even politicians to take more extreme positions.

Apart from this, the word “News Feed" makes people expect information about politics and current events, rather than posts from your friends and relatives about their life. The name change could also help with potential confusion within the Facebook app. When News Feed was introduced, Facebook didn’t have a News tab that users could mix up with. Meta, in a memo said, “News Feed" name also made people think it was a place for news more than a social media platform.

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