Tue, 28 June 2022
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Enterprise 360 signs MoU with American Tech Giant GMDH Streamline

Update : 13 Mar 2022, 00:29

Enterprise 360 has signed a memorandum of understanding with American Tech Giant GMDH Streamline to bring top-notch supply chain software to Bangladesh's market. Recently, the MoU was signed in a virtual meeting of both of the companies.

Automation in a company plays a pivotal role in business growth. As an emerging management consultancy firm, Enterprise 360 has been working to provide the service of business automation in Bangladesh.

With sustainable business solutions, Enterprise 360 aims to serve corporates, SMEs, and Start-Ups with cutting-edge tech solutions. Its fundamental focus is ensuring the company’s profitability without harming the planet. People, Planet, and Profitability will play a crucial role in the next industrial revolution.  And that’s why ensuring eco-friendliness in every business strategy is the stern focus of Enterprise 360. Besides, data management will also be a vital job to bring sustainability in any company in any industry.

To cope with the upcoming challenges of business in data management, Enterprise 360 has signed an MoU with American Tech Company Streamline. Streamline provides supply chain planning and predictive analytics solutions. Under the MoU, Streamline will be providing top-notch supply chain software which will make a major difference in forecasting and manufacturing planning.

It will help companies take forecasting accuracy from average to world-class. This system will bring phenomenal progress in supply chain ecosystem management and will save at least 2% revenue.

Under the MoU, Enterprise 360 will be working as a business partner of streamline in Bangladesh. The Senior Executive of Streamline Natalie believes this partnership is a stepping stone to meet the rising market demand of Bangladesh. The chairman of Enterprise 360, Mohammad Aman Ullah Aman believes that Streamline’s supply chain software will ensure robustness in the supply chain planning of Bangladeshi companies. Both parties have agreed to exchange resources to accelerate the supply chain management system globally.