Tue, 28 June 2022
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Ukranian 'hedgehogs' to combat Russian tanks

Update : 12 Mar 2022, 09:54

As Russian troops has been escalating its grave military operations in Ukraine leading to the death of hundreds of people, workers from a local construction company are preparing anti-tank obstacles to be placed on roads.

Many brave Ukrainians are coming forward to fight against to display their resistance against the Russian troops by the use of different means. Local welders and people across Ukraine are using anti-tank barriers named Czech hedgehogs to stop the Russian tanks from entering their cities. The new idea developed by a group of people across Ukrainian cities have also taken over social media where locals have shared their videos and further urged others to follow the same measures for restricting the troops. 

After Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February, KAN, a large local property company, reinvented itself to help the defences of the city of 3.4 million people. The hedgehogs date back to World War II as an anti-vehicle defense, used to make terrain impassable.

It is another example of how Ukrainian civilians are supporting regular troops as they try to repel Russia's advance, including through civil defence units and independent militia that have formed across the country. In nearby Kyiv, steel workers are welding together larger versions of the hedgehog spikes. 

"We are now in the centre of one of the biggest development companies of the city and because of the war they changed their activity and they help our city to make the anti-tanks hedgehogs," said Dmytro Bilotserkovetsa, a member of the City Council and adviser to the Kyiv mayor.



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