Mon, 04 July 2022
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‘I have received a lot of love from India. They are self-respecting people’: Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Update : 09 Apr 2022, 13:11

Ahead of the no-confidence vote in Pakistan National Assembly against Imran Khan's government on April 8, Interim Pakistan Prime Minister made the remark about India during his address to the nation. In his emotional speech, Imran mentioned India several times and said that he received tremendous love from the country.

Imran Khan said no superpower will attempt to create political turmoil in India. “We and India got our independence together but Pakistan gets used as a tissue paper and thrown away,” he said adding that while he is not anti-American, the foreign conspiracy is an “attack on our sovereignty.”

"This is because India's foreign policy is for its people,” he said.

"Indians are self-respecting people. No superpower can dictate terms to India," he further said on Friday during his during his televised address to the nation.

The premier mentioned that India is a member of the quad alliance, with the United States as one of its members, but it still calls itself "neutral". He had stated that India is still importing oil from Russia, regardless of the sanctions the country is facing due to the Ukrainian war.

"I'm disappointed that only due to RSS ideology and what is done with Kashmir we don't have a good relation," he added.

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