Fri, 12 August 2022
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Saudi Arabia will celebrate Eid ul Azha on July 9

Update : 30 Jun 2022, 11:48

Saudi Arabia will celebrate Eid ul Azha on July 9, in accordance with the crescent moon sighting of Zilhaj, the twelfth and last month in the Islamic calendar.

The Zilhaj moon has been sighted in Saudi Arabia and the first day of Zilhaj is on June 30. While the Day of Arafah which is marked one day before Eid and observed as a day of repentance for Muslims will fall on July 8 this year.

The Hajj takes place in the twelfth month of the year. It is called Zilhajj. Arafat Day will fall on Friday.

The government of Saudi Arabia has announced Eid Holidays from July 8 to July 13.

Muslims across the world celebrate Eid ul Azha by slaughtering sheep, cows, camels, or goats and giving meat to the poor, and feasting during family gatherings.

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