Fri, 31 March 2023
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Blessed is his life

Update : 15 Aug 2022, 14:21

Today is a day of mourning. On this day, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family members were brutally killed. But why did such a sad day come? We got an independent sovereign country under Bangabandhu's charismatic leadership. Then why did he have to die in the hands of Bangladeshi? It is not easy to find the answer. In search of this we have to look back a little.

If you look at the history, it will be seen that for centuries different countries of the world were ruled and exploited by colonialists. Many nations have gained independence after long struggle after World War II. At that time the nation state was established under the leadership of nationalist leaders. The commitment of the leaders of most nation-states was to introduce a just economy with the aim of creating a society of exploitation. We can see that the world was divided by polarization in the fifties, sixties and seventies of the last century. At that time, two opposite doctrines were formed. Capitalism on one side, socialism on the other. It is important to remember the Cold War context of these two doctrines. In this context, many popular leaders around the world were brutally killed. Bloody military coups took place in many countries. Somewhere bloodless coup occurs. World famous political figures like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Lulumba, Nkrumah, Benbella, Sukarno have been brutally murdered. Not only President Kennedy, his brother Senator Kennedy was also a victim of assassination. Salvador Allende, the elected president of Chile, was brutally assassinated. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Indian nation, was also killed the year after India's independence, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan, was also killed. Later two Prime Ministers were killed in India. Sri Lankan President Bandaranaike was also assassinated.

However, Bangabandhu's murder seemed to defeat all kinds of atrocities and tragedies. Even after his brutal murder, the indemnity ordinance was issued and the way to justice was blocked. After this, year after year, slander and false propaganda have been carried out against this undisputed leader of the nation. Evil forces employed all powers to erase his name from history; But it has boomeranged. Those who wanted to bring down a great human being like him, have been thrown into the abyss of history. It can be understood from the lessons of history that the destiny of most of the nationalist leaders is pitiful; but their place in history is very high. In fact, there will not be a single ruler in the 5000 year in the history of the world who has not made a mistake in managing the state. But all the mistakes of the state management are only on the shoulders of the head of state? Those who stay as collaborators in the government do not make mistakes? The blame for their mistake also falls on the head of the state. It is known from Bangabandhu's various speeches that at one stage he himself was fed up with the anti-people activities of party leaders and activists.

Bangabandhu himself criticized him and said on June 19, 1975 - 'I am not an angel, nor a devil, I am human, I will make mistakes.' That is why he is a great man of flesh and blood! Bangabandhu is the father of our self-identity, he has gifted us the 'passport' of an independent state. He had come to free the Bengali nation from the shackles of a thousand years. Because of that, the Bengali nation could not be suppressed. For this he had to be imprisoned for 4 thousand 682 days! Bangabandhu is a useful person with every moment of life and his achievements! His immense achievements will forever be exalted above all others.Blessed is his life. May his death give us the strength to be a better nation forever!