Sun, 25 September 2022
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Instagram will restrict sensitive content for new teenage users by default

Update : 28 Aug 2022, 14:44

Instagram has announced that it will limit sensitive content for new teen users by default on the platform.  As announced by the Meta-owned company in a blog post, an update to Instagram’s Sensitive Content Control will make the “Less” option enabled by default for users under 16 years old.

According to Instagram, the change will make it more difficult for young people to view “potentially sensitive content” on Instagram. The new setting affects Search, Explore, Hashtag Pages, Reels, Feed Recommendations, and Suggested Accounts.

In addition, Instagram said it is testing a new way to encourage teens to update their safety and privacy settings.

It will show prompts asking teens to review their settings including -- controlling who can reshare their content, who can message and contact them, what content they can see and how they can manage their time spent on Instagram.

"We are continuously developing controls to help people personalize their experience on Instagram," the company said.

Apart from this, the video sharing app will also ask users under 18 years on the app to do a settings review to update safety and privacy settings. With this, teens would be able to limit who can share their content, who can direct messages and contact them, and what kind of content their followers can view. Instagram would also show prompts asking teens to review how they can manage their time spent on the platform.


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