Tue, 29 November 2022
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Cashless e-Mutation system sees positive response

Taka 77 lakh fee realized online in first 39 hours

Update : 02 Oct 2022, 21:27

Over 6 thousand and 200 automated QR-coded DCRs were collected by land service customers by 3:00pm Sunday (today) after introducing the cashless e-Mutation system.

The land service customers collected the DCR by submitting the DCR fee after the mutation case/application is approved. About, Taka 69 lakh as DCR fees have been deposited by land service customers to the government treasury through online mobile wallet or internet banking. Concurrently, over 11 thousand and 500 new e-Mutation applications were submitted. About Taka, 8 lakh have been deposited to the government exchequer as application fee. A total of around Taka 77 lakh have been deposited in the government treasury during this period, said a press release.

It has been decided by the Ministry of Land not to accept any kind of manual/cash after September 30, 2022, as per the earlier announcement of the ministry. This decision came into effect automatically from Saturday, a public holiday, on October 1, 2022, but on Sunday (today), October 2, was the first working day for the implementation of cashless e-Mutation.

Time, cost, and travelling hassle of land service customers for the mutation-related works have been decreased significantly due to the cashless e-mutation system. As a result, it is expected that the sufferings related to land mutation will also be reduced to a greater extent.

Several steps of receiving mutation services are no longer dependent on government working days and working hours. People can apply at any time, even on public holidays, at their convenient time by depositing the fees.

The chances of dishonest people’s misdeeds have decreased because of the less ‘human-to-human contact’.

Service receivers, whose online hearing application is accepted, do not have to go to the land office even during the hearing of mutation cases. In addition, the Ministry of Land has taken initiative to make it easier to provide Land Mutation based on the Land Title Deed.

Upon receipt of an individual application or LT notice, e-Mutation service is provided - in a maximum of 28 working days in the general case, 09 working days for expatriate Bangladeshi citizens in a metropolitan area and 12 working days in other cases and within 07 days for investment-friendly industry and commercial establishments in certain districts. In the general case, the gallant freedom fighters are getting the land mutation service within 10 working days. In fact, the number of mutation applications in a year varies between 22 and 25 lakh on an average depending on the scope.

Court fee Taka 20 and Notice Issue fee Taka 50 need to be paid together at the beginning of the e-mutation application. Thus, these two fees together are known as e-Mutation application fee. Apart from this, the Record Correction fee Taka 1,000 and the Record of Rights (ROR/Khatiyan) supply fee Taka 100 are needed to be paid to collect the DCR (Duplicate Carbon Receipt) after approval of mutation application, thus these next two fees are also known together as DCR fee. The total cost of Land Mutation after paying these four types of fee is Taka 1 thousand 1 hundred and 70 (Tk 1,170). This fee must be paid online through mobile wallet or internet banking from now on and in no way can payment be made manually or in cash.

The information related to the e-Mutation application could be known from the e-Mutation system by going online to the National Land Information and Services Platform (www.land.gov.bd) and clicking on the e-Mutation tab thereafter.

Besides, to know all the information related to land, to get land services or to report complaints, call ‘Citizen Land Service 24/7’ helpline number 16122 (+880 96123 16122 from abroad) or, give comments or send messages to Land Service social media (www.facebook.com/land.gov.bd).


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