Mon, 28 November 2022
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Why you must quit smoking

Update : 08 Oct 2022, 21:15

There are so many reasons to quit smoking forthwith, but there is no reason to continue it. Smoking is not only bad for your health, but it is also bad for your finances and social life. To lead a healthy and happy life, you must quit smoking. Let's see what happens when you smoke and why you should get rid of this bad habit.

Increases risk of many diseases:

Smoking causes serious health problems, including lung-related diseases, heart disease, high blood pressure, insomnia, cancer, and so on. Smoking cigars is nothing but destroying your health. It can push you towards death.

Save money:

Spending money on smoking is absurd as it does no good to the human body and is injurious to health. One can save money instead of spending it on such a stupid thing. You can save money by quitting smoking.

Stay mentally healthy:

Smoking damages both your body and mind. Smokers are more stressed than nonsmokers. A cigarette contains many harmful chemicals, including nicotine, which cause serious damage to the brain as well as health. Quitting smoking can increase the quality of life.

Get more energy:

A nonsmoker gets more energy than a smoker. One's stamina and energy level remain unharmed if he or she doesn't smoke. Smokers get tired very quickly when they attempt to do any physical activities.

Stay fit:

If you are a smoker, you must restrain yourself from doing that as smoking causes shortness of breath, suffocation, fatigue and so on. It is an obstruction to the way of being fit and healthy. You must stop smoking to lead a robust life, be fit and playful. Quitting smoking helps one to maintain a healthy lifestyle full of physical activities.

Avoid causing harm to others:

Smokers cause serious damage to themselves and others around them. Children and others in the family of a smoker are at high risk of cancer, heart disease, lung-related diseases, and so on. Passive smokers are the worst victims of smoking. Quit smoking, as you should not put others at risk anymore.

Get rid of bad odor:

Cigarette smoke deposits a very bad smell in the mouth, hands, hair, and other parts of the body for quite a long time. The nicotine in e-cigarettes can cause bad breath. Moreover, the smoke and its smell irritate the nonsmokers the most. Quitting smoking reduces bacteria that cause oral health issues in smokers.

Get strong muscles and bones:

By quitting smoking, you can keep your bones strong and healthy. It increases the availability of oxygen in your blood and your muscles to make them stronger and healthier once you stop smoking.