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Write a remarkable resume for marketing jobs in Bangladesh

Update : 28 Oct 2022, 17:17

Brilliant marketing job seekers focus on marketing themselves to HR managers with remarkable resumes. Today we help you how to stand out in your marketing job application. Employers all over Bangladesh will be excited to sit down for an interview with you.

An outstanding resume will help you to impress reputed recruiters. It is vital to get an interview invitation. Only a well-written resume can reflect your actual ability and potential to employers.

The demand for dynamic marketers is expanding so fast in Bangladesh. Brands are constantly craving modern marketing wizards to thrive in this technological age. As an experienced marketer, you can serve in diverse sectors. It includes banks, e-commerce firms, start-ups, hospitality, agricultural, cultural organizations, and many more. Bdjobs (the largest job site in Bangladesh) has the highest job openings in the marketing/sales category.

Many marketing applicants are afraid of writing a resume. They find it daunting and depressing. You may feel the same. No need to worry. Writing an impactful marketing resume is not impossible.

By following expert tips, you can craft a compelling marketing resume:

Research the requirement of recruiters

Your resume must match the demand of HR managers. The preferences of employers may vary from company to company. Some may search for social skills; others may prefer presentation strengths. So, you should research job descriptions to understand the requirements of recruiters.

You can get concrete information about the company by searching online. Do not forget to research relevant resources (websites, social media profiles, and job circulars). These may clarify where to focus on your resume and help you stand out in the screening process. It will also help you to explain your expertise and experiences effectively. 

Research the company culture, mission, vision, and goals. There you will get important insights about the company. It may help you to make your resume more personalized and optimized.

Polish your resume summary or objective

A well-optimized resume summary or objective can make a big difference in your resume. It helps recruiters to review your complete competency at a glance. You must polish your resume summary or objective. Optimize your statements to cultivate curiosity in recruiters to read more. Highlight your unique characteristics that are vital to performing the marketing responsibilities efficiently.

Your resume summary or objective can provide an impressive first impression to employers. For an entry-level position, you may use a resume objective. It refers to one or two sentences that state your desire to achieve professional success in a particular position. After getting essential marketing experience, you should write a resume summary. A resume summary shows a candidate's significant skills, strengths, case studies, and compatibility.

In both cases, you should polish your phrases to boost the clarity and confidence of recruiters in calling you for an interview.

Highlight your unique value proposition

As a successful marketer, you must connect and collaborate with potential customers efficiently. Everybody has the unique capacity to convince people in different ways. You should find yours to shine your success in your marketing resume. Let us make it clear to you.

The primary purpose of writing a resume is to secure a call from an interviewer. To do it effectively, you must beat the cruel competition of marketing job seekers. Your unique capabilities and characteristics are your most powerful resources to stay ahead. To highlight these professionally, you must define your value proposition. It should show how your competency can ensure customer satisfaction. Besides, you should also clarify that you understand the customers' needs and the company's core values.

Your value proposition can make or break your success in impressing recruiters. So, choose phrases carefully to show why you are the best choice for employers to boost their revenue and customer satisfaction.

Connect abilities with accomplishments

Modern-day recruiters demand proof of marketing job applicants' abilities. However, they know only specialized marketing executives can help them to survive. So, listing skills in your marketing resume is not enough to show your actual abilities to employers. So you must add relevant references too to impress HR managers.

By connecting your accomplishments with abilities, you can highlight your core competency. Your statements should be specific and reflect your roles in bringing value to past employers. Try to embellish your case studies with relevant numbers and figures. You can include many topics in your resume to explain your expertise and experiences. It includes revenue figures, customer engagement, ROI, campaign budget optimization, and many more. These will give a complete picture of your capabilities to HR managers.


Insert Industry Standard Keywords

You must find keywords from the job description and use those in your resume. These keywords are essential to highlight your capabilities from the perspective of employers.


Many organizations use application-tracking software - ATS to find keywords. It helps them to track potential applications fast. This software was developed to detect pre-defined keywords. Besides, some software can rank applicants according to the existence of relevant keywords.

Industry-standard keywords and acronyms will help you to retain recruiters’ attention quickly. It will boost your credibility with HR managers.

Many marketing job applicants optimize keywords in unprofessional ways. They include irrelevant keywords that are not relevant to their skills and strengths. These phrases may confuse recruiters and produce reverse results. HR managers have no time to waste on irrelevant resumes. So, keep your keywords compatible with your competency and job descriptions.

Keep it short, sweet and simple

HR managers get hundreds of applications for each marketing job circular. Renowned recruiters decide to read a resume or reject that based on the quality of the sentences. They scan resumes within seconds before reading them in detail. So, try to write sweet and straightforward statements to make your resume easy to scan. Avoid too many technical terms unless it is essential to explain your expertise. 

Valuable statements can inspire employers to invest more time in your resume. But, irrelevant and unnecessary words may confuse recruiters and result in rejection. That is why you should not make your resume unnecessarily long. Instead, portray your professional traits in the standard resume length.

Top career experts recommend completing a resume within 600 words. This word limit is enough to express your marketing, communication, and leadership skills. Focus on the quality of your resume, not the length.

Proofread attention in proofreading

Proofreading is one of the most crucial parts of creating an excellent resume. You must optimize every millimetre of your resume to engage employers. Otherwise, they may reject your resume within seconds, like other average applications. Unfortunately, the average resumes are not well-optimized and lack essential elements.

Proofreading can turn your good resume into a great one. But you must know how to proofread properly. There are many things you should consider while proofreading. Tiny mistakes can send your resume to the trash box of recruiters.

You may start proofreading by correcting spelling and grammatical errors. Unfortunately, many job seekers do not pay enough attention there. But in reality, recruiters do not tolerate these mistakes. Therefore, your proofreading should not be limited to correcting spelling and grammatical errors. You must proofread the meaning of your marketing resume phrases. The meaning of your statements should answer the queries of HR executives. Exclude unnecessary words to keep your marketing resume relevant to recruiters.


An excellent resume is essential to shine your marketing career. You must show how you can boost the revenue and reputation of recruiters. There are several ways to spark success in your resume. You need to ensure it from the employers’ perspective too.

Remember, a resume is a marketing document to market yourself to your dream employers. You are not alone. Thousands of other job seekers apply for marketing jobs in Bangladesh daily. You should make your resume more personalized to impress employers before other candidates. The tips above can improve your resume dramatically. It is the best time to optimize your marketing resume.

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