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Healthcare services at your doorstep riding on power of technology

Update : 10 Jan 2023, 11:14

Jahanara Begum (65) lives in Gulshan. She has to stay alone all day in a big house. However, there are some domestic helps to help him. Rafsan Zaman, the only child, lives in America with his wife and children in order to earn a living. Jahanara Begum has lost a step and her body does not support her will equally owing to her age. Consequently, anything can happen anytime. On the other hand, her son always worries about mother’s health.

Rafsan Zaman suddenly received a call from the house help one day in the middle of December. As soon as he answered the phone, he heard the sound of crying. From the other end, the maid said that aunt’s (his mother) health is deteriorating. She has to be taken to the hospital immediately. Rafsan felt very anxious at the thought of who would take her to the hospital in this hour of the night. Rafsan's wife Tania Begum was sitting next to him. Suddenly she started talking to someone over the phone.

Later, Rafsan came to know that Tania called the emergency number of ‘Health Care At Home’ (HCAH) and requested to send a doctor and nurse to her mother-in-law’s home. Within the next 10 minutes, a doctor and a nurse arrived at her mother-in-law’s house in Gulshan. Jahanara Begum started to feel a little better within the next few hours after receiving primary treatment. With the help of technology, every day hundreds of people like Jahanara Begum are taking healthcare services at home as per their necessities.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has taught us many things. The first and most important of these is to ensure the protection of our health and to be more careful about it. The situation caused by the global pandemic has also brought to the fore the significance pf innovation in the health sector. The pandemic has strengthened the health sector ecosystem of the country by introducing new technologies in this sector and bringing advanced modules.

One of the new ideas implemented with the help of advanced technology in the field of healthcare was to avail healthcare services from the comfort of home. In adverse times like Covid, such activities have been appreciated in most countries including Bangladesh and have played an important role in meeting the healthcare needs.

During the pandemic, most hospitals in the country had to serve more patients than their capacity. Even then, many patients have to face difficulties in accessing services due to immense pressure. At that time, all the innovative initiatives played an important role in the healthcare sector.

As a result of these initiatives, people have been able to get healthcare facilities at affordable cost at home. Besides, many of these new initiatives are working on to address and minimize the limitations that patients usually have to go through while receiving treatment, such as: proper healthcare planning, real-time monitoring of patients and timely logistics support.

One such innovative initiative is ‘Health Care At Home’ (HCAH). Established in 2019, the healthcare provider started its operations back in February 2020. This initiative has already been praised for starting the journey with the groundbreaking idea of bringing healthcare to people’s doorsteps. Services provided by HCAH include nursing, medical caregiving, physiotherapy, medical assistance, counseling and companionship.
Besides, medical equipment facility can also be availed from HCAH. The staff of HCAH have experience of working in various reputed medical institutions. The organization has brought home-based services to specially-abled children and dementia patients for the first time in the country. The organization is committed to serving patients anytime, anywhere. Besides, HCAH guarantees 100% transparency in service delivery.

Those interested in taking the services of HCAH can contact the organization through Facebook, LinkedIn or website at their convenience. HCAH will then assess the patient’s health status and create a tailored health plan. Next, the patient will be offered the freedom to choose from a list of suitable healthcare providers to serve them. HCAH ensures 24/7 monitoring and supervision of patients as well.  

This service provider has not limited its activities only to providing quality services to patients. HCAH is also offering B.Sc degree through the State College of Health Sciences affiliated to Dhaka University to create skilled manpower to meet the growing needs of the country’s healthcare sector.

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