Mon, 06 February 2023
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Russia, Ukraine deadlocked on 3 frontlines

Update : 21 Jan 2023, 20:09

The British military says the war is in a stalemate in Ukraine's northeast, as well as Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia. Zelenskyy attended a funeral for the interior minister killed in a helicopter crash.

Russian and Ukrainian forces are currently at a deadlock in three areas of the war-torn country, a daily British intelligence update said Saturday.

"In recent days, the heaviest fighting has focused in three sectors. In the northeast, near Kremina, Ukraine has likely made small gains and successfully defended against a Russian counterattack," British analysts said based on intelligence reports.

"However, there is a realistic possibility of local Russian advances around Bakhmut," they added, referring to the town in the eastern region of Donetsk at the center of fighting for months.

Russian units, from the regular army and the Wagner paramilitary group, are regrouping in Soledar, which they recently captured, north of Bakhmut.

In the south, both sides had massed significant forces in the Zaporizhzhia region, the UK said. Artillery fights and smaller clashes were taking place, but so far there was no major offensive.

In its own daily report, the Russian army said it had launched an offensive in Zaporizhzhia on Saturday after several months of an almost frozen front.

Moscow's forces said they led "offensive operations" in the region and claimed to have "taken more advantageous lines and positions."


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