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Building a smarter Bangladesh

Update : 30 Mar 2023, 13:41

Founded in 2012, Augmedix was born in the heart of Silicon Valley with a vision to use technology to help doctors in the US deliver better care to their patients.  It was during the early years of Augmedix that co-founder Ian Shakil recognized the potential in Bangladesh. Many of the company’s early programmers and engineers were here in Bangladesh and were instrumental in developing the first systems for Augmedix. With thousands of young people graduating with degrees in the IT and engineering sectors, Bangladesh has the talent to become the next major tech hub in the global economy. 

As we transition from Digital to Smart Bangladesh, equipping the youth with the right skills will be the key to harnessing their true potential and allowing Bangladesh to become a developed country.

Mr. Rashed Mujib Noman, Country Director of Augmedix, believes the company’s presence in both the BPO and IT sectors makes it perfectly suited to be a leader in the new Smart Bangladesh. “Augmedix is uniquely placed to serve as a role model for the technology sector and is fully committed to growing the industry in the country,” stated Rashed Mujib Noman. “Our software engineers are developing international standard tools with cutting edge technology while skilled resources are simultaneously bringing in millions of dollars through back-office services,” he added.

Utilizing the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the technology at Augmedix powers every facet of the products they offer. As Augmedix continues to grow, the focus on technology means that Augmedix needs a diverse group of highly skilled and talented people. Team members get a chance to work with and develop technology at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution.

Augmedix also brings its Silicon Valley ethos directly to Bangladesh, fostering a culture where team members are encouraged to learn, grow and innovate and have ample opportunities to train and grow their skill sets. This combination of talent and technology has been a major part of the unprecedented success the company has seen in the last few years. In 2022, Augmedix brought in  $30.9 million in total revenue, a significant part of which comes into Bangladesh and contributes to the country’s Forex reserves. 

So what is it that Augmedix does, and how is it planning to change the US healthcare industry? Doctors in the US are required to keep extensive records of their patient interactions and document them in their Electronic Health Records, otherwise known as the EHR. Augmedix provides highly trained scribes, known as Medical Documentation Specialists (MDS), who use the company’s proprietary software to ease the burden of this documentation work, saving doctors up to 3 hours per day. This not only allows doctors to save time and see more patients but, more importantly, lets doctors connect with and provide better care for their patients.

Due of the company’s growth in the US, Augmedix Bangladesh has been recruiting heavily and has a need for skilled and dedicated people, especially for the position of MDS. With over 800 total team members in Bangladesh currently, the company is looking to hire 50-100 new MDS’ each month and has set a goal for 2000 scribes by the end of 2025. Mr. Risalat Zabeer, Senior Director of Operations of Augmedix, is extremely proud of what local talent has been able to achieve in this difficult industry at a global scale. “We have proven talent in the country, who have been able to thrive and outdo competition globally in this very sophisticated and demanding position, which requires multidisciplinary skills to be able to be successful. As a result of which, we are able to offer competitive compensation packages, one of the best in the industry, to freshers right out of university. It is this incredible pool of local talent that will take us to the next level of growth for Augmedix,” asserts Mr. Risalat. 

For those who join Augmedix, they enter a global company which incorporates the best practices from around the world. “We provide a collaborative atmosphere where we are always striving for improvement and learning from our global colleagues.” says Mr. Noman. Augmedix is a company led by young professionals, most of whom are homegrown and have been promoted from within. “Employees are the lifeblood of our organization,” says Mr. Noman, “and their hard work is what enables us to put the doctor-patient relationship front and center.” By rewarding the hard work of its team members and helping to nurture and grow their careers, Augmedix believes that the leaders they create today will help guide the IT industry of Bangladesh towards a smarter future.


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