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Emirati astronaut set to make history by becoming first Arab to perform spacewalk

Update : 07 Apr 2023, 10:49

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)' Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) on Thursday announced that Sultan AlNeyadi will become the first Arab astronaut to undertake a spacewalk during Expedition 69 on the International Space Station (ISS), scheduled for April 28.

According to Emirates News Agency (WAM), the UAE will become the 10th country to perform a spacewalk - also known as Extravehicular Activity (EVA) - on the ISS.

AlNeyadi will be part of the 262nd spacewalk in support of assembly, maintenance, and upgrades on the space station.

MBRSC Chairman, Hamad Obaid AlMansoori said Sultan AlNeyadi's historic spacewalk was a testament to the UAE's unwavering dedication to advancing the frontiers of space exploration and fostering international cooperation.

"As the first Arab astronaut set to perform an EVA, AlNeyadi carries the aspirations of the entire region and symbolises the limitless possibilities of our collective achievements.

"This milestone is also an embodiment of our long-term vision to strengthen the UAE's position as a global leader in space, science, and technology, as we continue to inspire future generations to pursue knowledge and innovation relentlessly," said Hamad.

Astronauts selected for spacewalks on the ISS undergo a rigorous selection process based on their skills, experience, and adaptability to the challenging environment of space.

They must demonstrate exceptional proficiency in various fields, such as engineering, robotics, and life support systems, as well as excellent physical fitness and mental resilience, WAM added.

Spacewalks on the ISS are crucial for maintaining, upgrading, and enhancing the orbiting laboratory's capabilities.

These spacewalks allow astronauts to perform tasks such as maintenance and repair of essential systems, installation of new technology and hardware, and assembly and construction of the ISS modules.

Spacewalks on the ISS also symbolise international cooperation, with astronauts from various countries collaborating and promoting the sharing of knowledge and resources. 

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