Fri, 02 June 2023
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Ukraine updates: Russia begins military drills in the Arctic

Update : 12 Apr 2023, 04:36

Soldiers, ships and planes are taking part in the military exercise in Russia's icy northern sea. Meanwhile, the UK has said Russia is likely beefing up its airborne forces.

Russian forces have kicked off large-scale military maneuvers in the Arctic Sea, the Northern Fleet of Russia's Navy announced late on Monday.

The drills include some 1,800 soldiers, up to 15 ships and 40 aircraft. According to the Northern Fleet, the exercises aim to protect "the security of Russia's merchant marine and sea lanes such as the Northeast Passage."

It will test coordination between air, land and sea forces.

NATO forces have also carried out drills in the Arctic region following Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine last year.

The Northeast Passage is a sea lane that runs along Russia's northern icy coastline, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans. Due to climate change, the passage has become more accessible and its economic and strategic importance has increased.

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