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Meet the World’s richest dog: Gunther VI

Update : 22 Dec 2021, 15:51

He is the richest dog in the world. He owns a trust worth 500 million, which means, 4 thousand 305 crore in Bangladeshi currency! 

Gunther VI is the name. He inherited this huge amount of money from his owner's father. 

He broke the news when he went to sell a bungalow out of the dog's assets. The previous owner of this bungalow was the popular American musician Madonna. He sold the bungalow to the Gunther's Trust in 2000 for 7.5 million dollars.

According to news reports, German countess Karlotta Liebenstein, when she passed away in 1992, gifted her dog Gunther III a multimillion-dollar trust, which reportedly was worth $58 million.

The bungalow was built on the shores of Biscayne Bay in 1928.  The front view of the house consists of the dazzling beauty of the blue sea ​​. According to a report by the news media AP,  after 20 years, the initial price,  this luxurious 9 roomed bungalow has been set at a cost of  31.75 million.

"Gunther is one of the members of the board of trustees. The views of all members of the Board of Trustees are equally important as to when the property of this trust will be sold and when it will be purchased.” said Carla Richitelli, one of   Gunther’s former caretakers, informed The AP .

She also added that Gunther attends all important meetings with the trust's board members. He travels to different countries by his own private jet. A separate chef has been hired to prepare his food.

This story might sound unbelievable but it can be totally related to the popular quote-

 “ Every dog has its day!”.



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