Sun, 24 September 2023
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Sakshi Chopra alleges sexual harassment on Netflix game show

Update : 25 Jun 2023, 10:05

Indian television personality and singer Sakshi Chopra frequently grabs attention for her bold fashion choices. She is the great-granddaughter of the late Ramayan director, Ramanand Sagar. 

Recently, Sakshi took to her Instagram page to accuse the makers of the Netflix show Social Currency of sexual harassment and also shared explicit details of her horrible experience working with them.

Sakshi Chopra narrated the entire ordeal in an Instagram post. She revealed the disturbing experiences she faced during the show. She alleged that the makers of the show coerced her into indulging in sexual activities, allowing strangers to dance with her at a Goa-based club, making inappropriate remarks, and having strangers scratch her back while making suggestive noises on the street to get food.

She wrote in the caption that just because she was bold in her choice of clothing, the makers assumed that she would be okay with "dirt". She said that she enjoyed music, family, self-expression, and peace and had made it clear that she wouldn’t sign if she didn’t get a call from her mother once a day. Sakshi alleged that the makers had initially promised her all this but later ignored her conditions after she signed the contract.

Sakshi Chopra’s post further revealed that one contestant named Mridul openly made an unsolicited comment about her breasts and buttocks. She claimed that the makers recorded and made her hear them, hoping for a reaction for the sake of TRP after assuring her that it was only for the sake of a game show. Sakshi also added that they allowed the man to stay in the same house as her and locked her up with him.

In a lengthy post, Sakshi shared some explicit details of her experience on the show. She also alleged that she was only allowed to speak to her mother once a day and was even denied food.

Further, she opened up about the disturbing things the show makers forced her to do, like having strangers scratch her back and allowing strangers to dance with her in a Goa club and make vulgar jokes.

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