Wed, 04 October 2023
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Russia targets Ukrainian ports

Update : 20 Jul 2023, 13:29

Russia has targeted the ports of Odesa and Mykolaiv after threatening cargo vessels traveling to Ukraine. The White House says Moscow may seek to blame Kyiv for shipping attacks.

Russia likely already decided on grain deal exit some time ago, UK believes

The UK Ministry of Defense said Russia had likely already decided to exit the Black Sea grain deal some time ago.

"Russia likely made the decision to leave some time ago because it decided that the deal was no longer serving its interests," the UK intelligence update said on Thursday.

"Russia has masked this with disinformation, claiming its withdrawal is instead due to concerns that civilian ships are at risk from Ukrainian mines and that Ukraine was making military use of the grain corridor without providing evidence for these claims."  

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has labeled Russia's exit from the Black Sea Agreement "disappointing" and said Moscow "will be robbing millions of people of access to vital grain."

Russia targets Odesa for third night

Russia has launched a third night of air strikes on the Odesa region on the Black Sea, with explosions heard from the port overnight into Thursday.

Ukrainian air defenses were said to be active in the area, with the Ukrainian air force having warned on Telegram that supersonic anti-ship missile launches had been registered in the direction of the Odesa region.

Officials called on people to stay under cover.

"As a result of the Russian attack, there is destruction in the center of Odesa," said regional governor Oleg Kiper.

Authorities had information on "two hospitalized victims," he said, without giving details.

Russia has already struck Ukraine's grain export ports in Odesa, with missile and drone attacks, since leaving the Black Sea Grain Deal this week.

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