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WHO worried about the impact of disease on displaced Gazans

Update : 29 Nov 2023, 14:11

The World Health Organisation is worried about the spread of disease among the people displaced by the fighting between Israel and militant-Islamist group Hamas in Gaza.

"Those 1.9 million people displaced in Gaza, started to suffer from different types of diseases, communicable and non-communicable diseases, due to a shortage of basic life requirements like clean water, food, shelters, especially in this cold weather," Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari WHO Regional Director told DW.

He said the WHO was "trying our best" to make use of the increase in aid deliveries into Gaza afforded by a temporary truce.

"The amount of fuel entering Gaza is really low, below expectations," he told DW.

"So fuel is becoming like an oxygen to the people there, to serve them to help them, especially hospitals, but also the infrastructure like water desalination stations that have stopped because of lack of fuel," Al-Mandhari said.

He said any plans to provide humanitarian aid to those that need it was hampered by the lack of fuel.

"For example, the availability of water, clean water, for use is very low due to nonfunctioning desalination stations, and human waste stations are nonfunctioning because of either direct attacks or the lack of fuel," Al-Mandhari said.

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