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‘Let's Talk with PM’: CRI’s interactive dialogue brings Bangladesh's young minds face-to-face with nation’s leader

Update : 22 Dec 2023, 20:19

In a noteworthy initiative, Center for Research and Information (CRI), a prominent nonprofit research organization, has orchestrated the 52nd episode of its “Let’s Talk” series, marking an unprecedented interactive dialogue between the nation's youth and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The event witnessed a diverse assembly of over 300 young individuals, from rural and urban backgrounds. This vibrant group included super achievers, transgender icons, sports stars, and international award winners, all united by a common purpose: direct engagement with the nation's leader on pressing issues and future aspirations.

Moderated by Dr. Senjuti Saha, a globally recognized young scientist, this special episode of “Let's Talk” stands as a testament to Bangladesh's commitment to youth empowerment.

The anticipation for the event was palpable, with social media buzzing with images of long queues of young people eager to register and participate.

“It's more than a discussion; it's a platform where our dreams and the Prime Minister's vision for a Smart Bangladesh intersect,” a participant said from the queue.

A key component of this dialogue was the youths' opportunity to influence the upcoming manifesto, described as a "charter of progress." Participants raised various topics, ranging from technological advancement to social inclusivity, reflecting the diverse concerns and aspirations of Bangladesh's younger generation.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had earlier articulated her vision for a 'Smart Bangladesh' by the year 2041.

She outlined four foundational pillars for this vision: smart citizens, smart economy, smart government, and smart society.

She emphasized her administration's objective to facilitate the emergence of five unicorns (startup valued at over US$ 1 billion) by 2025, and a goal of 50 such startups by 2041. Each of these unicorn startups is expected to generate job opportunities for millions.

The “Let's Talk” program by CRI has been instrumental in bridging the gap between governance and the populace, particularly the youth. It resonates with PM Hasina's vision of a 'Smart Bangladesh,' where the energy and innovation of young minds are pivotal in national development.

The date for the broadcast of this episode will be announced shortly on official channels, as stated by the organizers.

The anticipation for this event reflects a growing trend in Bangladesh — the desire for active political engagement and policy-making influence among its youth, signaling a promising future for the nation.

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