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''Happy Ending'': Baby Elephant Reunited With Mother After Rescue

Update : 27 Jan 2024, 20:53

Elephants are familial creatures and they move around in herds. However, sometimes, calves get separated from their herd and have to be reunited. In one such rescue operation, forest officials in Dhenkanal, Odisha successfully saved an elephant calf that had fallen into a trench. The calf was subsequently reunited with its mother after the forest team created two to three ramps at the trench to rescue it. 

A video of the heartwarming rescue operation was shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officer Susanta Nanda. He wrote, ''Staff of Dhenkanal detected an elephant calf stuck in a trench, with mother waiting nearby. A ramp was made in the trench at two or three places, and the calf was able to get out of it and reunited with its mother. All my thanks to team Dhenkanal.''

In the video, the trapped baby elephant was seen trying to navigate its way out of the trench. As per Mr. Nanda's post, one of the officials came to its rescue and guided the elephant to safety. In another clip, the calf is seen coming out of the forest following which it was reunited with its herd. 

Many internet users hailed the officers for their prompt response in rescuing a distressed animal. One user wrote, ''Well done team dhenkana. Keep up the good work. Applauds to all people involved in it.''

Another commented, ''The most revered job. Uniting a child with its mother. Many Blessing from the mother for the team.''

A third said, ''Nothing is more satisfying than uniting a baby with a mother. Blessed are the souls who made it happen. Thanks to the team.''

"Thank you for your efforts," posted a fourth.

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