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Bride's Metro Ride To Beat Traffic Wins Internet

Update : 28 Jan 2024, 10:20

Breaking away from the traditional wedding car, a bride in Bengaluru pleasantly surprised onlookers by opting for a practical and unconventional mode of transportation: the city's Metro. Dealing with severe traffic congestion, she gracefully navigated through the rapid transit system, capturing attention with her vibrant bridal attire and sparking conversations.

This daring decision gained widespread attention, triggering discussions about the need to reconsider age-old wedding customs in light of contemporary challenges. Videos of the bride confidently traveling on the metro, adorned in exquisite jewelry and impeccable makeup, received praise for her composure and resourcefulness.

The viral video was shared on the X account named 'Forever Bengaluru' on January 16 with a caption that reads, "Whatte star, Stuck in heavy traffic, Smart Bengaluru Bride ditches her car and takes the metro to reach Wedding Hall just before her marriage muhoortha time. Peak Bengaluru moment."

Beyond just avoiding traffic, the bride's choice reflected a growing inclination towards eco-friendly and practical approaches to wedding planning. Social media buzzed with admiration, labeling her as the "smart bride" who seamlessly blended sustainability with style.

While the bride's unconventional entrance may not have been planned, it set a new benchmark for modern weddings, leaving behind smiles of surprise and whispers of "what a brilliant idea!"

"Kalyana Mantaps may have to be located near the metro in the future," commented a user.

"We should congratulate our politicians for ensuring traffic is jammed and metros are used," wrote another user.

"My boss started asking me to reach the office on time through the metro, and he is taking a lesson from this bride ride in the metro on punctuality," commented a third user.

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