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King Charles will ‘abdicate in 10 years’ to make way for Prince William: ex-butler

Update : 31 Jan 2024, 21:43

King Charles will hand the crown over to his eldest son, Prince William, in 10 years, according to a former royal butler.

Paul Burrell, who worked for Princess Diana for over 10 years until her sudden death in 1997, said that the monarch, 75, will be looking to give up the throne early to make way for William, 41, and his wife, Kate Middleton.

“I think it will happen in this country. I think the king and queen have given this job 10 years, I think this is a 10-year plan,” Burrell said, adding that Charles is “buying time” and has a “10-year plan” before abdicating.

“I don’t think he will want to continue being king when crowned heads of Europe have found that they can hand over to their heirs and see them become monarch and enjoy it,” Burrell continued.

“The queen would never have done that because she came from a different generation, her entire life was molded around being a monarch. But the king will know exactly what to do and take a page out of Prince Philip’s book and say, ‘I’ve done enough’ and want to do things he wants to do.” 

“I think the country will embrace a new, young king and qQueen and it will complete the circle that Diana’s son will be king,” Burrell added.

Burrell’s prediction echoes the major reshuffle Denmark’s royal family has had this year.

Queen Margrethe II, 83, announced her abrupt abdication in her New Year’s speech on Dec. 31, with the former monarch officially stepping down on Jan. 14 for her son Crown Prince Frederik to take the reins.

Margrethe’s decision to abdicate early is believed to have been prompted by her desire to keep up with the times — something Charles has expressed interest in implementing into his own Firm.

And Burrell believes that the UK could see a similar reshuffle taking place when Charles reaches his 80s.

Elsewhere, the former royal butler said that he sees the Prince and Princess of Wales going on a long-haul tour towards the end of the year, which will prove they’re ready for more royal responsibilities.

“In the autumn, if Kate’s health is well enough, I foresee a royal tour because the king and queen don’t like long-haul travel, so I see a tour to Canada or Australia for William and Kate,” Burrell said on behalf of Slingo. “Kate is too big an asset for the royals to lose, she is the future of the family.”

“They are very together and consolidated,” he continued. “I think the king has a plan for the next eight years, but I believe he will follow suit of the Queen of Denmark, he would want to see his son crowned. Who wouldn’t want to see their son reach the pinnacle of their career?”

“I think King Charles has a different approach to his mother: I think he will work hard for 10 years and then say it’s time for retirement and watch his son blossom,” he added.

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