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Govt worried about price hike, not BNP's statements: Quader

Update : 02 Feb 2024, 21:00

Awami League (AL) General Secretary Obaidul Quader on Friday said the government is not worried about what BNP says over the last general polls but it is concerned about the price hike of essential commodities. 

This afternoon at AL President's Dhanmondi political office he told ''there is volatility in commodity prices worldwide. We are also concerned about the price hike of commodities. We have been working to check the price hike of goods." 

But, he claimed, the country's people are in good condition despite the global volatility as Bangladesh is self-sufficient in food, which is a good sign amid the volatile situation. 

Quader, also the road transport and bridges minister, said BNP did not participate in the elections and it failed in movement too. 

The BNP has friends at home and abroad, so it may have an issue to show its activities before its foreign friends, he said. 
"Similarly, BNP workers were longing for power. But people did not respond to the BNP's movement. BNP did not participate in the elections sensing its defeat. They (BNP leaders) have lost their relevance," he added.

The AL general secretary said the government is not upset about the reaction of BNP over the elections but now the main goal of the government is to check the price hike of commodities and implement the AL's election manifesto.

Despite the BNP's election boycott, the voter turnout was 41.8 percent while 28 political parties participated in the polls. 

Different countries and organisations from all over the world congratulated Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and pledged to work with her government.

Quader said even the United States did not say that the election was flawed and US Ambassador in Dhaka Peter Haas greeted Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

He said the whole world is facing a challenge today and Bangladesh is facing this challenge too. 

"On Thursday, I saw that remittance flow increased, but reserves decreased. There will be fluctuations. Yet, we are self-sufficient in food. This is a good point. Despite this instability, everyone is leading a normal life," the road transport minister said.

AL Organising Secretary Mirza Azam, Office Secretary Barrister Biplab Barua, Deputy Office Secretary Sayem Khan and Central Committee member Tarana Halim were present at the press conference.

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