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Yunus Centre protests at GB chair’s allegations

Update : 19 Feb 2024, 09:54

In a statement the Yunus Centre on Sunday protested at the Grameen Bank chairman AKM Saiful Majid’s claim that nobel laureate professor Muhammad Yunus was involved in money laundering and he siphoned money from the Grameen Bank to form the Grameen Telecom, Grameen Kalyan and Grameen Fund.

On Saturday the Grameen Bank chairman claimed that they found through an audit in the last seven months that professor Yunus had laundered money from the GB.

Protesting at his claims, the Yunus Centre said in its statement  that the Grameen Bank had always conducted its annual audits through the country’s eminent auditors Rahman Rahman Huq, Hoda Vasi Chowdhury & Co, ACNABIN and A Qasem & Co and they had never alleged any financial irregularities during that time. 

It further said that the Bangladesh Bank’s inspection team and the government-formed committee and commission did not either find any irregularities after conducting investigations.

The statement said that the allegation of money laundering was not only false and baseless, but also funny and defamatory.

In reply to the Grameen Bank chair’s allegation that Yunus had taken Tk 447 crore from the Grameen Bank to establish the Grameen Kalyan and Tk 24 crore to establish Grameen Telecom, the Yunus Centre claimed that the allegations were ill motivated and baseless.

‘Neither Telecom Bhaban nor any establishments were constructed taking money from the Grameen Bank,’ the centre added. A group of unidentified people on February 12 took control of and locked the offices of two entities of Professor Muhammad Yunus in Mirpur.

Then, Grameen Bank chair on Saturday said that they had taken control of seven organisations in the Grameen Telecom Bhaban as per law.

Muhammad Yunus is not the owner of the organisations as he has no share in those organisations, he said at a press conference at the Grameen Bank office in the capital’s Mirpur.

The Yunus Centre in the statement mentioned that professor Yunus claimed several times to the media that he had no ownerships or shares in the organisations he had created. 

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