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Entrepreneurs should focus on 4p business model to make their business sustainable

Update : 03 Mar 2024, 21:28

Life in the earth is in big threat in present days because of the environmental pollution and climate change. Unplanned urbanization and industrialization by the entrepreneurs are mostly responsible for this situation.

Either the entrepreneurs don't understand the bad impact or they do less care about that. That's why unplanned urbanization and industrialization is increasing very rapidly which are destroying the livability of the planet. If we let it be happened and don't control pollution right now, our future generation will suffer extremely. Already it is late. So, no way to make it delaying while taking initiative to create awareness about the threat of environmental pollution and climate changes.It is already proved that profit centric business model which is being practiced by most of the entrepreneurs and industrialists is not a sustainable one. There no way of overlooking the social issues by the business community since business is operated in the society.

As an Economist deeply committed to fostering responsible entrepreneurship, I am proud to propose the 4P Sustainable Business Model—a comprehensive framework poised to revolutionize the way we approach commerce.

At its core, the 4P model embodies a philosophy rooted in the interconnectedness of People, Planet, Profit, and Partnership. By integrating these four pillars into their operational philosophy, businesses can transcend the narrow confines of short-term gains and embrace a trajectory of enduring success and societal benefit.

First and foremost, let's delve into the significance of People. It's essential to acknowledge that without thriving consumers and communities, businesses cannot thrive. The 4P model places a premium on health of the consumers and human capital, advocating for manufacturing safe products for the consumers, fair labor practices, employee well-being, and diversity and inclusion initiatives. By prioritizing the health of the consumers and welfare of their workforce, businesses cultivate a loyal consumer base and motivated cadre of employees who are not only more productive but also serve as ambassadors for the company's values in the broader community.

Simultaneously, we must confront the urgent imperative of safeguarding our Planet. Environmental sustainability is not a luxury but a fundamental necessity for the survival of future generations. The 4P model champions eco-conscious practices, from reducing carbon emissions and minimizing waste to embracing renewable energy sources. By adopting a proactive stance on environmental stewardship, businesses not only mitigate their ecological footprint but also position themselves as leaders in the global fight against climate change and environmental degradation. If the planet is not protected, consumers and employees are safe here. If there no consumer or workforce, there will be no business in the society.

Of course, none of these efforts would be sustainable without Profitability. Contrary to popular belief, the pursuit of profit and sustainability are not diametrically opposed; rather, they are symbiotic. The 4P model emphasizes the importance of balancing financial viability with ethical considerations. By incorporating sustainability into their core business strategies, enterprises can unlock new revenue streams, reduce operational costs, and enhance their long-term competitiveness in an increasingly conscious consumer market. Digital transformation of the business is only the way of increasing operational efficiencies.

Finally, Partnership emerges as a linchpin of the 4P model, highlighting the importance of collaboration and shared responsibility. In an interconnected world with finite resources, no business can thrive in isolation. By forging strategic alliances with suppliers, governments, NGOs, and local communities, businesses can leverage collective expertise and resources to tackle shared challenges and drive meaningful change at scale. Exchange of knowledge, skills, network and technology can create better impact in the society.

In essence, the 4P Sustainable Business Model represents a paradigm shift—a departure from the myopic pursuit of profit towards a more holistic and inclusive approach to commerce. By embracing the principles of People, Planet, Profit, and Partnership, businesses can not only secure their own longevity but also contribute to the greater good of society and the preservation of our planet for our future generation.

As we stand at the precipice of a new era defined by unprecedented challenges and opportunities, let us rally behind the 4P model as a beacon of hope and a blueprint for a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.



Entrepreneurial Economist and Researcher

Chairman, Enterprise 360 Limited & School of Entrepreneurship Development

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