Thu, 18 April 2024
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Rampant NID data trade

Mobile banking institutions alert law enforcement

Update : 06 Mar 2024, 17:28

Mobile banking organisations have issued an alert for illicit trading of customer data through Telegram.

According to a press release from mobile financial service (MFS) company Nagad, exploitation through Telegram bots has evolved into a more organised operation, with perpetrators setting up dedicated websites to facilitate this illicit trade.

Some are also actively advertising on social media platforms, falsely claiming to hold customer information from reputable MFS to deceive customers through various schemes.

The rings operate by circulating specific links through Telegram channels that purportedly allow access to individuals' personal details by inputting their NID numbers and birthdates.

Despite scepticism of the authenticity of such claims, due to the absence of verification mechanisms, the alleged data breaches have stirred concern among the public, who are already wary of previous incidents involving the national ID card database.

ICT experts have highlighted that the allegedly leaked information on digital platforms is deemed non-exploitable for fraudulent purposes within Bangladesh.

The national ID database, a critical personal information repository for approximately 120 million citizens, remains a target for cybercriminals.

IT expert Tanvir Hassan Zoha warns, "Those selling information online and those purchasing it are both committing offences and could face legal consequences under the vigilant oversight of law enforcement agencies. Interestingly, there's no real profitability in buying such information in Bangladesh."

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