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Meat trader Khalil announces beef sale at Tk 595 during Ramadan

Update : 13 Mar 2024, 10:13

Khalil Ahmed, owner of Khalil Gosto Bitan in the city’s Shahjahanpur area, on Tuesday announced to sell beef at a cheaper price of Tk 595 per kilogramme during the month of Ramadan.

“I’ll sell beef at Tk 595 per kg till 25th Ramadan," he said, adding that a buyer will be able to buy maximum 5 kg of beef at the cut-rate.

Beef is now around Tk 750-Tk 800 per kg in the capital.

AHM Shafiquzzaman, director general ((DG) of Directorate of National Consumers’ Right Protection, visited Khalil's shop and inaugurated the sale of meat at the cheaper price yesterday.

“Khalil has begun selling the beef at Tk 595 per kg. I believe the price of beef in the capital will fall below Tk 700 again,” he told reporters.  

The DNCRP chief said Khalil earlier sold beef at Tk 595 against the market rate of Tk 800, that forced meat traders to lower the price and sell beef at Tk 650.

Appreciating Khalil for his good initiative, Shafiquzzaman announced that Khalil would be given the “Best Trader” award during the national programme marking 'World Consumers Rights Day' on March 15.

The DNCRP DG requested members of law enforcement and intelligence agencies to ensure safety and security of Khalil as he was threatened earlier by other meat traders for selling beef at lower price.

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