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JnU student commits suicide after posting note on Facebook

Update : 16 Mar 2024, 01:36

Fairuz Abantika, a student of the 2017-18 academic year of Jagannath University (JnU) Law Department, committed suicide by hanging herself after posting on Facebook.

On Friday night, (March 15) around 10 pm, Fairuz first posted about her committing suicide post on Facebook. Then she committed suicide by hanging herself. Later she was immediately rescued and taken to the district headquarters hospital. The doctors at the hospital said that she was no more.

In the Facebook post, Abantika mentioned that her classmate Amman Siddique of her same department and assistant proctor Deen Islam would be responsible for her suicide. 

In her Facebook post, Abantika wrote, 'If I ever die by suicide, my classmate Amman Siddiqui and assistant proctor Deen Islam, who supported him, will be solely responsible for my death. I complained to Proctor's office that Amman was threatening me offline and also online but I did not get any benefit. Deen Islam scares me in many ways for the sake of Amman. He said that expelling me is very easy for him. I know I won't get any justice here.”

In her post, she also mentions, "I am asking the vice-chancellor Sadeka Halim ma'am to judge it as the guardian of this institution.  And I am dying by hanging.''

The student Amman Siddique was contacted several times but could not be found.

However, Assistant Proctor Deen Islam, whose name is mentioned in the post, said, “I saw the girl almost one and a half years ago. Some of their classmates come to the proctor's office. At that time the then proctor Mustafa Kamal sir, myself and some other assistant proctors were in the office. The girl used to send SMS to her friends using a fake ID. We were told that a complaint had been filed with the police station. Later the girl confessed her guilt. Then her family members requested to withdraw the GD. Then all the proctorial team met and decided to keep her under observation for three months. GD will be withdrawn if there is no problem. I never spoke to the girl alone. CCTV footage or a written complaint in the proctor's office can also be understood. Please investigate the incident. Punish me if I am guilty. But please don't make me guilty in advance. Otherwise, I will have to commit suicide also.”

In this regard, Jagannath University Proctor Prof. Dr. Jahangir Hossain said, “We have learnt about the matter. The dead student accused one of our Proctoral Team members as responsible for her death. The Honourable Vice-Chancellor has orally given an order to suspend him temporarily. Further action will be taken subject to investigation in the legal process.” Source: UNB

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