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Sadhguru shows signs of recovery after emergency brain surgery 

Update : 26 Mar 2024, 19:55

Spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev faced a "life-threatening" health emergency and underwent brain surgery, the Isha Foundation announced last week. On Monday, Sadhguru, who is recovering at the hospital after the surgery, shared a video showing him reading a newspaper.

In the video, shared on X, the spiritual leader could be seen turning pages of the newspaper with an intravenous drip on the dorsal side of his right hand and dressing bandages on his head. 

The 19-second video, with music playing in the background, was posted with the hashtag #SpeedyRecovery. 

In a statement, the Isha Foundation mentioned that Sadhguru underwent an MRI scan on March 15 which showed massive bleeding in the brain. However, he refused to cancel his commitments, including his session at India Today Conclave, which he attended under the effect of powerful painkillers and sedation.

Sadhguru suffered multiple bleedings in the brain before being hospitalised due to a severe headache, the statement said. Later, he underwent emergency brain surgery on March 17 at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in New Delhi.

Dr Vinit Suri, who led the surgery, stated that Sadhguru has shown steady progress, and his brain, body, and vital parameters have improved to normal levels.  Source: India Today 


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