Tue, 21 May 2024
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Chuadanga scorches: Highest temperature in the country this year at 41.2°C

Update : 06 Apr 2024, 21:58

Chuadanga district is currently grappling with an intense heatwave, recording the highest temperature in Bangladesh this year at a sweltering 41.2 degrees Celsius on Saturday.

According to Altaf Hossain, observer at Chuadanga Weather Observatory, this peak temperature marks the season's most extreme heat, recorded at 3 pm.

In addition to Saturday's record, the district experienced temperatures of 38.2 degrees Celsius at noon on both Friday and Saturday, indicating a relentless surge in heat levels.

Hossain reported a persistent mild to severe heatwave in Chuadanga since April's onset, exacerbated by high humidity levels that have amplified the heat's impact.

The weather observer warned that the district might continue to endure similar temperatures in the coming days, with predictions suggesting the possibility of an even more severe heatwave later this month. "With no rainfall in sight, temperatures are expected to escalate further," Hossain added.

Residents of Chuadanga are facing extreme conditions, with the ongoing heatwave and Ramadan fasting putting significant strain on the working community. Many are opting to stay indoors, venturing out only for emergencies due to the unbearable heat.

Mithun Mia, a battery-run three-wheeler driver, voiced the challenges faced by locals, stating, "The scorching temperatures make it difficult to operate vehicles, and passenger demand is low ahead of Eid." UNB

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