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Total Solar Eclipse: Experts issue new forecast, areas to catch clear view

Update : 07 Apr 2024, 22:44

The moments of patience are almost over as April 8 is not far enough for the Moon to block the sunlight and cast its shadow over Earth — a total solar eclipse in seven years which will commence from Texas.

Weather agencies issued their forecast to provide people with information about where they can see a total solar eclipse clearly or where it will not be completely visible. The eclipse will cast a dark shadow for a brief time on the Earth.

Solar eclipse cloud forecast

Authorities said that the clear view of the total solar eclipse can be viewed from northern New England, northern Arkansas to central Indiana, California, and parts of the mid-Atlantic and Southeast."

However, the National Weather Service said also that "this is the area of greatest uncertainty due to potential high clouds".

A long-range forecaster Paul Pastelok was quoted in a USA Today report as saying: "Clouds can break for some sunshine, just in time for the afternoon viewing from Chicago to Cleveland. A narrow region of good viewing is expected to open up for cities like Kansas City, Indianapolis, and St. Louis."

Weather experts have also expressed the possibility of rain in Texas, Oklahoma, southern Arkansas, Ohio, northwestern Pennsylvania and western New York.

Where to see solar eclipse clearly?

"Cities like Los Angeles, El Paso, New York City, Boston, and Raleigh should all have nice views of the eclipse from start to finish," the expert added.

The areas where the total solar eclipse will be poorly visible may include Wisconsin westward through South Dakota and Nebraska to Washington and Oregon.

What is the exact time of total solar eclipse 2024?

The total eclipse will start from in Texas at 1:27pm CDT and end in Maine at 3:35pm EDT, however, it varies to different paths.  

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