Sun, 19 May 2024
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Speakers tell CGS event

Both pro-government and anti-government, spread disinformation

Update : 22 Apr 2024, 01:00

Zillur Rahman, executive director of Center for Governance Studies (CGS), said "A big problem of Bangladeshi media is the nature of its ownership, where independent journalism is held back by the owners.'' 

He also added that organisations for journalists are separated by their political ideologies. Further he said ''this is even more crucial seeing that political parties, both pro-government and anti-government, spread disinformation.'' 

Rahman said this on Sunday at an event titled "Confronting Misinformation in Bangladesh" which was organised by CGS at the EMK Centre in Dhaka.

At the event, Stephen Ibelli, public affairs counselor at the US Embassy in Bangladesh, said, "It is important that your [journalists'] voice is not censored, whether the government likes it or not, whether the public likes it or not, whether we like it or not."

"Journalists do not deserve a state using all the instruments of their government to censor them," he added.

He said media literacy is more important than ever. "When tech is a part of daily life, media literacy should be too," he added. 

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