Sun, 19 May 2024
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How Actor Sahil Khan Travelled 1,800 km In 4 Days To Avoid Arrest

Update : 29 Apr 2024, 12:03

Nearly 1,800 km across five states in four days - actor Sahil Khan's cross-country adventure to avoid being arrested in the Mahadev betting app case came to a halt on Saturday when he was arrested from Chhattisgarh's Jagdalpur. 

Mr Khan hit the road on April 25 after his anticipatory bail plea was rejected by a court. The actor fled Maharashtra first before a pit stop in Goa. From there he went to Karnataka's Hubballi followed by a journey to Hyderabad. To evade detection, Mr Khan adopted a disguise, donning unassuming attire and concealing his identity behind a scarf.

However, the police managed to track his location while he was in Hyderabad, prompting the actor to hastily flee towards Chhattisgarh. The actor, known for his roles in films like 'Style' and 'Excuse Me', chose to travel through a Maoist-prone area of Chhattisgarh despite his driver's reluctance to drive on those roads at night time.  

Despite his efforts to evade capture, Mr Khan's luck ran out when police aarrested him at the Aradhya International Hotel in Jagdalpur.

The Mumbai police had been tirelessly tracking Mr Khan for a gruelling 72-hour period, ultimately leading to his arrest. Upon his arrest, the police confiscated two mobile phones and a sum of cash from the actor. Mr Khan has been remanded in police custody until May 1 by a Mumbai court.

Mr Khan is allegedly involved in the promotion of betting platforms such as Lion Book and Lotus 24/7, which have ties to the Mahadev app, across various websites. Additionally, police claim that he holds a financial interest in the Lotus Book 24/7 application.

In December 2023, the Mumbai Crime Branch summoned him, along with three others, for interrogation regarding their suspected involvement in promoting the Mahadev betting app. During the investigation, authorities discovered that Mr Khan not only endorsed the Lion Book app but also actively participated in their promotional activities.

However, Mr Khan maintains that he lacks a direct affiliation with the gambling platform. 

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