Tue, 21 May 2024
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School Principal Thrashes Teacher For Coming Late, Video Emerges 

Update : 04 May 2024, 19:51

Weeks after a headmistress bit a teacher who had caught her getting a facial in a Uttar Pradesh school, the principal of another institution was caught on camera beating a teacher for allegedly coming late. A video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

The principal of a pre-secondary school in Seegana village of Agra was filmed not only assaulting the teacher Gunjan Choudhary, but also accused her of trying to tear her clothes during the fight. 

She was seen clutching the teacher by her kurta as she tried to free herself. Her driver, who at first separated them, also engaged in a brief fight with the teacher and misbehaved with her.

A voice could be heard in the background saying, "This will be filmed. Madam is being rude. Does this befit you?" The teacher was injured in the fight, her colleague claimed on camera. 

A second episode ensued towards what seemed like the end of school hours with the two women calling each other "besharam aurat (shameless women)" and making charges of coming late to school.

The principal and the teacher also resorted to vulgar language during their fight, neither appropriate for the school they were at nor the profession they were in.

"Maar ke dikhade agar dum hain toh. Kya kar lega tu aur tera driver (beat me if you have guts. What will you and your driver do)," the teacher was heard saying during the confrontation. 

"Kisiki dadagiri nahi chalegi yaha," the principal replied as her driver insister her to leave. The principal later filed a police complaint against the injured teacher.  Source: NDTV 

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