Tue, 28 June 2022
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This is not normal

Update : 30 Jan 2022, 10:59

Another zebra has died at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park in Sreepur, Gazipur after two animals became ill, taking the total death to 10 in the month of January.

The last dead zebra was sick. The death of 10 zebras in the park is unusual and mysterious. Even with the remaining 21 zebras, one more is sick. It has become urgent to take necessary steps to find out the cause of this illness as soon as possible.

According to yesterday's news, the meeting of the medical board is to be held again for the treatment of the sick zebra. Earlier, the park authorities identified the death of the zebras as a result of deadly bacterial infections and fighting among themselves. If the food is infected by these bacteria, then the source of the food needs to be investigated in detail.

According to wildlife experts, there is no evidence of zebras in the enclosure engaging in collisions with each other. Zebra has no horns. Even if for some reason a conflict broke out between them, no zebra was supposed to die of serious injuries.

Various animals including tigers, giraffes, kangaroos and zebras have died in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park in the last eight years. Some rare birds have also died. The last time a white lion died in the heat was on September 23 last year. Any animal can die at any time in a forest or park. But if that death is due to abnormality and negligence of someone, then it cannot be accepted. In any park, there is a rule to test the animals before feeding them.

The question is whether there has been any deviation in this case. The inquiry committee will have to look into the matter. If there is any irresponsibility of the person or authority concerned, it should also be exposed. The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change should find out the real cause of death of zebras and take legal action against the culprits.

Earlier, it was learned from a doctor that a zebra dies within 20 to 25 minutes due to sudden rise in body temperature, shortness of breath and other symptoms. Most of the dead zebras are female.The rest of the female zebras are pregnant.

If these female zebras are also attacked by the so-called bacteria, then the next breeding of zebras in this safari park will be severely hampered. We know that there is no other species of zebra in the country like Bangabandhu Safari Park. This time the zebra has bred well during the corona. This created the possibility of zebra exports. But the sudden and short-lived death of 10 zebras has brought us bad news.

Therefore, intensive monitoring and care should be taken towards the remaining zebras. It is important to use antibiotic powder with food to protect against bacteria that are not currently vaccinated. The number of manpower in this safari park should also be increased to increase the care of animals and birds.