Tue, 28 June 2022
The Daily Ittefaq

Violence must stop now

Update : 23 Apr 2022, 11:50

Elections for 216 Union Parishads in the sixth phase were held on Monday. In the five-point election that preceded it, several violent incidents took place before and after the election. This led to a wave of criticism across the country. The fifth round of elections was held on January 5. It killed six people and injured several others. We have seen a lot of violence in the previous round of elections.

However, the sixth round of elections has been relatively fair and peaceful. Because this time a strict security cordon has been created around each constituency. During the polling, 22 members of the law enforcement force were on duty at each center. There is no way to deny that this election, like the Narayanganj City Corporation, which has come to an end at the very end of the tenure of the present Election Commission, has been largely peaceful. So the saying goes, "all's well that ends well".

The Election Commission is to be applauded for this; but in the midst of this tight security, there have been sporadic incidents of violence in some places. Somewhere, post-election violence is still raging, which is worrying, especially in Mathbaria in Pirojpur district. There have been allegations of attacks on supporters of the defeated AL candidate. Many are fleeing from their homes for fear of supporters of victorious rebel candidate. At times, Hindus have been held hostage by threats. They can't get out of the house. The incidents took place centering on the election of Bara Mashua Union Parishad in Mathbaria.

Where peaceful elections have been held in most places amidst uninterrupted security, why should Mathbaria be an exception? Legal action must be taken immediately against those who are involved in the violence in Mathbaria. Police, Ansar-BGB and RAB members are there. Along with the law enforcement agencies, there are other local people's representatives. They cannot play the role of silent spectators to the post-election violence in Mathbaria. What's really going on here? Political conflicts are and will be everywhere. There is also violence of drug dealers in the upazila.

The residents face difficulty because of drug addicts. But why can't the law enforcement agencies arrest drug lords? Everyone knows that they have strong influence from the local administration to Dhaka. It is not unknown to us that those who are performing their duties from DC, SP of Pirojpur district to the Divisional Commissioner are known as 'Good Officers'. There is no doubt in anyone's mind about their skills, qualifications and experience. We need to find out the reason why they too have been defeated by the so-called 'rebels' of Mathbaria. Where did they get the courage to attack the AL supporters and the Hindus?

As far as we know, there is no rumor in the minds of common people about the honesty of the senior officials of Pirojpur district. It's high time to take appropriate measures for stopping those who are still attacking government party offices.