Sat, 02 July 2022
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Facebook Messenger gets new features

Update : 13 Feb 2022, 13:53

Meta always follows the evolution of trends and can modify operations according to users’ needs. The tech company has now introduced some exciting updates for the Facebook Messenger app.

The company offers many new features including split payments feature for the Messenger app, audio features, and disappearing messages with vanishing mode.

Some features will initially only be available to US audiences. Previously, the company rolled out features like end-to-end encryption, screenshot detection, message reactions, and typing indicators in Messenger. This feature has been rolled out for Messenger opt-in end-to-end encrypted chats. 

Meta announced the features in a blog post saying, “We’re launching Split Payments on Messenger to everyone in the US who uses an iOS or Android phone. We’re also introducing voice message recording controls and a mode for sending disappearing messages.”

More about Meta’s updated features

Split payments feature:This feature would help users to divide payments. For using this feature, users will have to tap the + icon in a group chat and choose the payments tab. The users will then be required to tap the Get started button. With this feature, users can split their bills evenly and customise the amount owes to each person. The feature will allow users to enter a personalized message, confirm their payment details, and send the request.

Voice message function: Facebook Messenger will soon allow users to share audio messages on the app. With this feature, Messenger will soon allow users to pause, delete, preview or continue recording a voice message before sending it.

Messenger has also increased the length of voicemail messages from one minute to 30 minutes. While many people are excited to know about this feature, some might find longer voice notes a pain.

Disappearing messages with Vanish mode: Facebook Messenger will now have Vanish mode. With this feature, messages can disappear after being viewed. Users can then send memes, GIFs, stickers, or disappearing reactions. If you want to use this feature, you need to enable Vanish Mode. Next, open an existing thread on your mobile device and swipe up. To return to your regular chat, you can swipe again. 


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