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Green Marketing: Essential for sustainable business development

Update : 19 Feb 2022, 21:26

The global community is very much concerned today about their existence on this Earth. People have come to understand that they are now under tremendous threat of climate change due to global warming. The gradual increase in global warming has made people understand that the future of the planet and the lives of people are at excessive risk. This risk will turn into an explosion if the warming can’t be controlled or minimized. The entire ecology will be destroyed. If it happens so, then there will be no animals or humans on this earth. There will be no business here as well in absence of humans. 

Though it's late, the global community has understood the degree of risk. The recent macabre of Corona Virus (COVID – 19), recurrent earthquakes in different parts of the world, floods, droughts, cyclones, and extensive forest fire in different continents in recent days have made people think about their future. They have understood the negative impact of unplanned urbanization and industrialization by people. That’s why they are looking for ways to save the lives of people and the planet as well. 

It is seen that people, in recent days, are suffering from different types of diseases before reaching old age and leading very uncomfortable life. Experts say that this happens with them because of having unhealthy foods and food habits as well as the environment where people live in. If Products and production processes are not healthy and environment friendly, it is not possible to lead a healthy life by a human being. 

Business and marketing will not sustain in the long run, if people and the planet do not sustain. So, to build a sustainable business, essentially marketers must focus on the 3Ps (People, Planet, and Profitability). Marketers should design their 4P marketing mix i.e. product, price, place, and promotion in such a way so that consumers’ well-being can be ensured. Nothing should be marketed that can be harmful directly or indirectly for consumers’ health.

It is said that marketing drives the business where marketers directly work to meet the need of the consumers. Creating or producing, communicating, and delivering value at profit is called marketing. As such, whatever the values or products are produced in the society, are done by marketing, and whatever the values or products are consumed by the consumers, are the result of marketing. So, marketing plays a very vital role in shaping up the consumption pattern of the consumers whereas consumers’ health is dependent on their everyday consumption.

If marketing does not market healthy products, consumers can never be healthy and can never lead a healthy life. Similarly, if marketing does not follow a healthy process while producing products, the life of workers and other stakeholders will be in trouble which will result lead their unhealthy lives. Unhealthy products and unhealthy environments always become the causes of different types of disease and finally death.

Packaging is an integral part of products, especially for tangible goods. Polybag, plastic bottles,s and buckets with attractive designs and styles are the common packaging material seen worldwide whereas these packaging materials are very harmful to the environment. Poly and plastic packaging items produce huge garbage that can never be destroyed which is why these items remain a burden on the environment, destroying the quality and productivity of soil, water, and air as well. 

If we let these types of packaging material be used for product marketing purposes anymore, we will see our environment is unfavorable for living in near future and our next generation will find this completely destroyed. So, marketers should introduce themselves as considerate to the world community and will work to save the earth through their marketing activities. They should take initiative to eliminate polybags and plastic bottles and buckets while marketing their products. Biodegradable materials are to be chosen by them.

Marketers use different types of material for communication purposes like panaflex, polythene-based stickers, PVC-based items, etc. which are not biodegradable at all and very harmful to the environment. These materials are to be avoided while preparing a marketing communication plan. Woven and jute fabric, metal, glass, and ceramic-based items as well as wooden papers can be used for marketing communication purposes.

While delivering products to the customer point, marketers use transportation where gas and oil are used to run the vehicles which are not unlimited in nature. If we don’t focus on using renewable energy, we will find these limited resources depleted in near future. Our future generation will get nothing to use. That’s why marketers should focus on using renewable energy for delivering their products. It should be noted that burning gas and oil cause to increase in temperature in the atmosphere and become a reason for the greenhouse effect results to deplete the ozone layer.

If we do not take steps to protect the ozone layer, we will face very tremendous environmental disorder and the earth may be completely an unfavorable place for living beings. Being considerate, marketers should take proper initiative for protecting our ecology. Eco-friendly communication channels and materials are highly recommended here.

Fair pricing is a very important pricing strategy for sustainable business development. The price which will be offered by the marketers should be treated as fair by the customer. The perceived value of the products should be found as logical. If customers can understand that they are overcharged, they will never ever think twice to switch to the other brand. So, marketers should be careful while determining the price of the products.

Customers of today are much concerned and careful about choosing their products. Information is available everywhere. So, it is very difficult to make consumers fool today than ever. That’s why marketers should be more careful and open to the customers for establishing a sustainable relationship. Otherwise, the business will not sustain itself. Therefore, the markets must design their marketing mix i.e. product, pricing, delivery means, and promotional channels and materials in such a way so that sustainable business can be established.

Author: Researcher and Sustainable Business Development Expert

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