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20 kilometres of jam in Bangabandhu Bridge Highway

Update : 29 Mar 2022, 14:17

Traffic congestion has been reported in the 20-kilometre area from the Dhaka-Tangail-Bangabandhu Bridge Highway highway to Rabna Bypass Highway since early Tuesday due to the increased pressure of public transports.

Several hundred vehicles got stuck on both lanes of the highway, leaving passengers of the route in suffering. 

"There had been traffic congestion on the highway since dawn. The number of cars on the highway has increased three times more than usual. Even yesterday, there was slow traffic on the highway from Rabna Bypass in Tangail to Bangabandhu Bridge, " said Nazmul Hasan, sub inspector of Bangabandhu bridge eastern thana.

A truck and a covered van got collided in front  in the kaalihati upazilla of of Shalla of Highway. Moreover, a truck full of sand  got damaged in the bridge number 3, Bhabla.  And it has created traffic jams. Police are working to reduce traffic congestion," he added.

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