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Let the powerful people be dementia free, may peace prevail on earth

Update : 09 Apr 2022, 12:03

While performing the song "Ek secender nai bharasha bandha haibe rang tamasha" in 1995, the singer Firoz Shai had a stroke and passed away in front of thousands of spectators. In the same way, before collapsing on stage at the Bengal Classical Music Festival in 2014 Qayyum Chowdhury said, “I’ve something to say”! But before he could say that, he fell to his death.

Like them, we do not know today is our last day? When we go to sleep at night, we don't know if this sleep will ever be broken again. Inevitably a day will come when we will die, we never be able to breathe out again after we breathe in, or we will never be able to breathe in again after we breathe out. But how much do we remember that? Do we have dementia? We walk in such a way that our last day will come to us. Why do we forget after that? Why is the barometer of violence and greed rising in the mercury? Human civilization has developed in the interest of living in peace and comfort. From the Indus Valley Civilization to the Egyptian, Sumerian, Persian, Babylonian, Roman and other civilizations at the root of human life was to bring relief. But where is the peace?

In the Aesop's Fables, some naughty boys were playing by throwing stones at the frogs of the pond, clapping their hands if they could hit the frogs. Then one of the frogs said to the boys, ‘You stop this game. Whatever you play for is the cause of our death.' After passing the age of stone, iron, copper, etc., it is as if we have come to the modern age to see the game of the clang of weapons. The war game is going on, innocent people are dying. Hundreds of thousands of billions of dollars are spent every year in the world for arms, creating an environment for the poor to buy arms. But if all these weapons of war had been spent on the welfare of the people of the world without boasting of these weapons of war, then the face of this world would have been different. Violence has been discouraged in all religions. It is about peace, it is about the welfare of the people. But war and unrest are used as capital today. ‘War’ is now a very important business.

According to the superpowers, if a nation does not want to move, they are killed in food and water. Now, if a nation is crippled by food money, then if that country is to get food money, it will have to reach out to the foremen. This is what the foremen want!Morals must also remember that the flames of that fire are bound to fall on themselves at one stage when others are engulfed in the fire of destruction. The powerful will not live forever.

Leo Tolstoy's “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” shows how Pahom died at the very last moment of land acquisition while going to buy a huge piece of land. The condition for purchasing the land was that he would own the land as long as he walked from dawn to dusk. The devil named 'Greed' takes Pahom on an unusual stage. He died at the last moment of his return to his original place. And only three and half feet is needed for his grave after death. Let those who sit on the throne of power remember this truth, let them be dementia-free. Let them work for the peace of the people of the world. There is no such thing as joyful worship.

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