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Mother’s Day today

Update : 08 May 2022, 09:55

Mother's Day is being celebrated today in Bangladesh and many other countries across the world. Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate and thank all mothers for the dedication, love, and affection they give their children every day. Mother is a safe pillar, a lap of unconditional love, smile, and word that calm down, that guide.

It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in many countries, including Bangladesh.

Roots of the origin of the day lies in the time a woman called Anna Jarvis had held a memorial for her mother when she passed away in 1905. She did that at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia, the same place where the International Day shrine is held. It was also her who had  started a campaign to recognise Mother’s Day as a holiday in the United States.

Even though her efforts were defeated and the request to observe the day as a holiday was denied, she persisted. In 1941, Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation after which the second Sunday in the month of May was declared as a national holiday to honour mothers.

The day is celebrated at different places on different dates. In UK, it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of March commemorating the memory of Mother Church on Christian Mothering Sunday. In Greece, however, it is celebrated on February 2, linking the day with Eastern Orthodox celebration of the presentation of Jesus Christ at the temple.

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