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When will be this squander end!

Update : 01 Oct 2022, 17:02

The world is experiencing a global economic crisis. All sorts of crisis including Import-export costs, commodity price hike and inflation weaken Bangladesh as well. Considering the situation, frugality and austerity were suggested again and again. But, what is the situation in reality? How much frugality and control are we seeing? The government gives allocation for development and repair work. In that case all rules are 'staged'.

From receiving approval regarding the proposed amount from the Finance Department to call for tenders, everything is done following the rules. But, baffling mystery is seen everywhere in every step of the way. In many cases, incomplete work, poor quality work, using materials not according to the tender, taking bills without handing over the work in due time, as if have become a new rule.

The most serious matter among all these is taking the bill sans finishing the work according to the tender. However, there is chain of officials including Assistant Engineer, Executive Engineer and Project Director at the district level and Work Assistant, Deputy Assistant Engineer, Upazila Engineer at marginal level to monitor whether the works are completed properly maintaining the rules and regulations.

There are ministries concerned to supervise them. There are magnificent buildings for them. Bypassing the strict procedure, a group of contractors in collusion of some officers are wasting the government money. Who doesn't know that? Why are there no steps against those government officials who are involved in such activities? The country got freedom almost 52 years ago. How long will this situation continue? The crisis would be handled well if the reckless spending were minimised by 50 percent.

This editorial is translated from the Bengali version of the newspaper.

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