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Experts for policy intervention to promote parenting education to reduce disability risks

Update : 01 Dec 2022, 20:44

Taking preventing measurement is crucial from the pregnancy period to reduce the risks of disability. Parenting education can go a long way to ensure early childhood development in this regard. And, therefore, policy initiative is required to ensure the widespread of the education, reaching to individuals.

Experts came up with the assertion while speaking at a policy dialogue in the capital city on Thursday (December 1).

Ahead of the International Day for Persons with disabilities to be held on 3 December 2022, international development organization Plan International Bangladesh organized the policy dialogue titled “Reducing disability risk through parenting education”, on Thursday, 1 December 2022, at Hotel Sarina in Dhaka.

Syed Mamunul Alam, Director General of the Directorate of Primary Education (DPE), said, Bangladesh is moving towards becoming a developing country. The Government alone cannot meet all the criteria. Reducing the risk of disability and promote parenting education to ensure early childhood development is not anyone’s alone job. It’s all of our duty. All of your opinion and suggestion can support the government to take policy initiative. 

Additional Director of Deparment of Women Affairs Saleha Binte Siraj said, "Government is undertaking supportive activities for mothers and children.  Along with all these, we are continuing to raise awareness in the community level."

She urged all to work together to ensure parenting education becoming more inclusive.

Dr. Md Manjur Hossain, Program Manager (A&RH) of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said, "We have to develop a maternal-friendly environment to ensure safe childbirth."

Emphasizing the need of prioritizing family planning for parents, he also said, "Bangladesh Government is working to ensure safe maternal health. Education and educational sector are crucial to raise awareness among the community people."

Kabita Bose, Country Director of Plan International Bangladesh said, "Plan International Bangladesh is working towards children’s right and education support."

She also said, "In today’s dialolgue, we have received a number of crucial points such as- incorporating parental education in the operational planning of multiple ministries, using the government structer in appropriate and contexual way, developing and promoting modules at all level, increasing required service support, ensuring mass awareness and promotion, comprehensive early childhood development, etc."

The number of persons with disabilities become twice than previously assessed by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (2022).  Disability cannot be controlled, but its risk can be reduced following some measurements and actions. Parenting education or awareness is one of the top effective ways which expands from pregnancy to the whole life cycle of a human being. Whereas initial years of a child is considered as a highly crucial stage as the human brain— the command center of the entire body-development is completed 80 percent by age three and 90 percent — nearly full grown — by age five.Any small mistake can hamper children’s holistic development causing great loss for the child and pitching the great risk of disability. Therefore, adequate knowledge and skills on children development is crucial.

Speakers called for policy interventions and widespread aware raising initiatives to reach at the household levels engaging parents, and potential parents to learn about parenting education, identifying the risks and signs of disability.

Collecting and analysis on usage of national budget to reduce the risk of disability will support the whole process with evidence, they said.

They also called for coordinated efforts of ministries, government and non-government organizations.

Government representatives, academicians, researchers, and child rights actors took part in this dialogue.

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