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Lowest temperature recorded in Chuadanga

Update : 07 Jan 2023, 20:58

The lowest temperature of the country, 8.4 degree celsius, was recorded in Chuadanga on Saturday (January 7). The lowest temperature was also recorded in this district on Friday.

In-charge officer of Chuadanga met office Rokibul Hasan confirmed the matter to the media.

From the early morning, the fog has been quite dense. Common people had to suffer a lot due to the extreme cold weather. This has been affecting the poor people the most. They were not able to go to their workplaces on time due to the excessive cold.

It has been seen that those poor people were collecting firewood and straw to generate heat by burning them. The cold weather has been the cause of many new cold-related diseases in the area. The numbers of sick people, both young and old, are noticeably increasing in hospitals.

Crops are being damaged due to the unusual cold weather. The paddy seedbed is also being hampered.

Ahsan, an easy bike rider, said, "The strong wind is making it difficult for me to ride the easy bike. The number of passengers is very less. As the weather is getting unusually very cold, I hardly get to see people."

Officer of Chuadanga met office Rokibul Hasan said, "On Saturday, the temperature in Chuadanga was recorded 8.4 degree celsius. So far, it has been the lowest temperature in the district this season. In this month, the lowest temperature was recorded twice in Chuadanga. The cold wave may continue for few more days."

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