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National civic awareness seminar held

Update : 20 Feb 2023, 16:30

JAAGO Foundation in collaboration with International Republican Institute (IRI) and USAID recently hosted the National Civic Awareness Seminar, a comprehensive event aimed at promoting civic education and empowering young people to engage in their communities.

The seminar was held at Rural Development Academy (RDA) in Bogura on Saturday (February 18).

The seminar brought together a diverse group of individuals, including different professionals, young leaders, and experts in the field of civic education and policy, to explore the importance of civic education and how it can be leveraged to empower young people, said a press release on Monday.

The seminar featured a panel discussion,"Elevating Youth Voice: A Panel on Youth Empowerment Through Civic Engagement," moderated by Esha Farooq, Assistant Director of Fundraising & Grants Management at JAAGO Foundation.

The panel was comprised of Kregg Halstead, Resident Program Director of the Bangladesh Program at IRI; Sadia Masharuf, Lead of the Fellowship Team at the Youth Policy Forum, Bangladesh; and Anan Hasnat, a student at North South University in Bangladesh. The panellists shared their expertise and insights on how civic education can be used to empower young people highlighting the importance of civic education and the role of youth in shaping the future of their communities and country. They also shared practical examples of successful youth-led initiatives, inspiring the audience to consider how they can become more active and engaged in their communities.


In addition to the panel discussion, the seminar also included a drama performance by a group of young people from the Rajshahi Division, which aimed to promote civic education and youth engagement. The performance motivated and inspired the attendees to become more active and engaged in their communities.

The seminar also featured a national debate, participated by two groups of young people from different districts in Bangladesh. The debate focused on the importance of promoting youth engagement in civic education and how it can help create a more informed and active citizenry.

Founder & Executive Director of JAAGO Foundation Korvi Rakshand said, “Empowering our youth to engage in the civic process actively is not only a duty but a fundamental step towards building a better future for all. Let us come together and elevate the voice of our youth, giving them the platform and guidance, they need to drive positive change in their communities and beyond.”

IRI Resident Program Director to Bangladesh Said, “One of the most important aspects for the future health, strength, and resilience of communities and democracies is empowering the young generation through organising and holding capacity building trainings, seminars, round tables, discussions and other forums on civic engagement and civic participation.  In a very real sense what each of you do, learn, take away and apply moving forward from your attendance here over these three critical days ensures and safeguards the future of democracy in your country. That flicker and spark of light emanating from each of your faces and shining brightly in your eyes and clearly resonating from each of you represents and encompasses democracy and is the bright future of your beautiful country.”

The National Civic Awareness Seminar was a comprehensive and well-rounded event that provided a variety of opportunities for participants to engage with the topic of civic education and youth empowerment. Through the panel discussion, drama performance, and national debate, participants were able to explore the topic from different angles and gain a deeper understanding of the role that civic education plays in empowering young people. The seminar was a resounding success and left a lasting impact on the participants, who are now motivated to become more active and engaged citizens.

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