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Bangladesh has capacity to patrol land and maritime borders, improved cargo and passenger airport screening: US report

Update : 28 Feb 2023, 11:08

Bangladesh has the capacity to patrol land and maritime borders and has improved cargo and passenger airport screening with updated equipment, procedures, and increased staff, a latest report released today by the US says.

Airline security is not as strong, Bangladesh has initiated e-passports for all and shares information with INTERPOL, but has no dedicated terrorist watchlist, according to the report.

A US “Alert List” project is under government consideration.

Bangladesh does not systematically use API/PNR passenger information to screen travelers before flights arrive, the report claimed.

In 2019, the ATT sentenced to death seven terrorists for their roles in the 2016 Holey Artisan Bakery attack.

The Department of State issued the 2021 Country Reports on Terrorism (CRT), which provide a detailed look at the counterterrorism environment in that year.

Each year, the CRT provides insight on important issues in the fight against terrorism and helps the United States make informed decisions about policies, programs, and resource allocations to build counterterrorism capacity and resilience around the globe.

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