Thu, 30 March 2023
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Jehovah's Witness hall shooting in Hamburg — what we know

Update : 11 Mar 2023, 10:49

A former member of the Jehovah's Witnesses killed seven people, including an unborn child, and then himself during a rampage in Hamburg. Police said the perpetrator and the victims were all German citizens.

Police, prosecutors and state officials provided details on Friday about a rampage the night before at the Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall in the northern German city of Hamburg. 

The Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany said the religious community was "deeply saddened by the horrific attack on its members at the Kingdom Hall in Hamburg after a religious service."

What do we know about the victims?
Four men and two women aged between 33 and 60 were killed in the shooting. They were all German citizens.

An unborn baby was among those pronounced dead. 

Eight people were wounded, four of them seriously. Of those injured, there were six women and two men, police said.

What do we know about the gunman?
Police identified the gunman as Philipp F., a 35-year-old German citizen. Philipp F. comes from Memmingen in Bavaria, grew up in Kempten (Allgäu) and studied in Munich. According to dpa information, he has been registered in Hamburg since 2015.

The gunman killed himself after police stormed the building, said Andy Grote, the regional interior minister. He was a former member of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Hamburg police chief Ralf Martin Meyer said he had a weapons license and legally owned a semi-automatic pistol.

The perpetrator had no criminal record, but had been in touch with authorities to report suspected fraud, Hamburg's state prosecutor said.

The motive for Philipp F.'s rampage is not known, though any political motive has been ruled out, the state prosecutor said.

Police said they had an anonymous tip alleging Philipp F. was possibly suffering from a psychological disorder and should not be in possession of firearms.

Based on the tip, authorities made an unannounced visit to his home and in the course of their conversation did not see a cause for concern. 

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