Fri, 31 March 2023
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Two pedestrians in Canada killed, nine injured as truck runs them over

Update : 14 Mar 2023, 09:55

Two men were killed in Canada and nine other pedestrians were injured when they were hit by a truck on Monday, police said.

Quebec police spokeswoman Helene St Pierre told AFP a 38-year-old man has been arrested and investigators are looking into whether he ran people over on purpose in the town of Amqui, north of Quebec City.

"Everything indicates that this is an isolated event," she said. "There is no more danger in the area and only one suspect."

The incident occurred shortly after 3 pm in Amqui's downtown. Two of the injured are in serious condition.

Witnesses told local media a truck hit several people on a sidewalk, then continued for another 400 to 500 meters along the road, striking more people.

The two deceased are in their 60s and 70s, respectively. Three children are also among the injured, police said. -- AFP

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