Wed, 27 September 2023
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US spokesperson says they never engaged in talks about taking over St Martin's

Update : 27 Jun 2023, 14:43

The US Department of State claims that they had never engaged in any conversations about taking over Bangladesh’s St Martin's Island.

According to Matthew Miller, a spokesman for the US Department of State, " I will just say that it is not accurate.  We respect Bangladesh’s sovereignty, and we have never engaged in any conversations about taking over St. Martin’s Island.  We value our partnership with Bangladesh.  We strive to bolster our relationship by working together to promote democracy, including by supporting free and fair elections."

He said this in response to a query concerning Sheikh Hasina, the prime minister of Bangladesh, who had said that the US sought to seize St. Martin's island and that the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party wanted to sell it to the US.

He also hoped to enhance the relationship by collaboratively promoting democracy and supporting free and fair elections in Bangladesh during a press briefing on June 26.




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